Ultra high-speed, high-quality
contaminated water-processing agent
The latest most state-of-the-art coagulating system that offers maximum protection to the environment.
In recent years, contamination of the global environment is becoming a social problem.
Currently however, many companies are agonizing about what measures to take in response to the new problems that continue to emerge one after the other.

By using natural organic acids, our company has developed Miragreace, a neutral coagulant separation agent that has a new revolutionary structure.

Miragrace enables the effective coagulation, fixation and separation of suspended matter in almost any type of contaminated water including organic-laden water and inorganic-laden water.
Even coagulation, fixation and separation of heavy metals and water-soluble heavy metals are possible. Furthermore, once matter has been coagulated and separated, subsequent dissolving or elution will not usually occur.

We are confident that Miragrace offers a level of performance suitable for measures that are necessary today to satisfy the strict emission standards set for ocean and waterways.

As a further environmental measure, active oxygen is now added to the water being processed to produce processed water that effectively improves the environment.

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